Proximity: Using the Technology (Part 2)

Previously, we covered the “Pull” technologies, NFC and QR (here).  Today, we’re looking at the “Push” technologies. The “Push” technologies: Beacons, Wi-Fi, Geofences With Beacons, Wi-Fi, and Geofences, the user needs an application to be on their device and they … Read More

Proximity: Using the Technology

Last week we took a look at the technologies currently being used ( In this edition, we’ll look at some of the ways you can use these technologies. The “Pull” technologies: NFC and QR I’ll group the first two together … Read More

Proximity Technologies

A Proximity Primer: The Current Technologies

If you’ve done a web search on Near Field Communications (NFC), you’ve likely seen a number of online discussions that highlight this emerging technology and read predictions on the impact proximity technologies will have in the mobile marketplace and how … Read More