Proximity Integration in 5 Minutes

Creating Location-based Apps is Easier Than You Think

The Smartwhere SDK allows you to use all of the proximity technologies right out of the box. Billy Lee, our fearless Support leader, illustrates in the short videos below, just how easy it is to have your mobile applications proximity-enabled in less than five minutes.

With the Smartwhere SDK integrated into your iOS and Android app, you can take advantage of:

By configuring geofences (essentially drawing a circle) you can set up areas to monitor traffic within a certain area for business intelligence data, and to send targeted messages based on that data.

Once the SDK is successfully integrated, creating event triggers using the beacon of your choice is simple. Easily set the enter, dwell, and exit parameters right from the Smartwhere Administrator.

By leveraging your existing Wi-Fi networks, you can send geographically-targeted messages without installing additional hardware.

The Smartwhere SDK also allows you to use the pull technologies of NFC tags and QR Codes. Once the SDK is integrated, you can establish event triggers and even reconfigure these events quickly and easily from the web-based Smartwhere Administrator.

Smartwhere SDK Integration for Android (Video 3:32)



Smartwhere SDK Integration for iOS (Video 3:43)



Smartwhere Proximity Platform

We understand that messaging is difficult. And our full-stack proximity platform allows you to create and send those messages to your mobile users however you see fit, whether the triggers are beacon events, geofences, wi-fi, or even NFC and QR. We also allow you to send those messages based on user profiles and market segments gathered from location-based data. If you’re interested in learning how proximity data can integrate with your existing marketing platform, click below to see the ways in which we can help you better engage with your customers.


About Smartwhere

Smartwhere is a powerful proximity platform that allows you to quickly and easily integrate proximity solutions into your existing environment. Whether it’s mobile retail, interactive marketing, or location-based advertising, Smartwhere is an all-in-one proximity platform that delivers and manages relevant content to consumers and other end users when and where they need it.

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