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The Power of Location-Based Analytics

In this day and age, using location-based analytics to gain insights into your customer’s digital behavior is a given. There are many tools for understanding how and where they spend their time online in order to fuel and tailor your interactions with them.

Re-targeting: Robust digital analytics allow you to know what to re-target on a publisher site. For example, we’ve all had the experience of looking at a shoe on, only to see that shoe pop up again and again as we browse Facebook or read the New York Times.

Segmentation: Our digital understanding of the customers also allow for customer segmentation based on interests. What assumptions can we make about a customer who visited and read articles on The Kitchn? You’re most likely showing different ads to that customer segment vs. those who visit and The Bleacher Report.

Attribution: Lastly, in the digital analytics world, you can track your customers across multiple channels, knowing the cost per conversion and conversion rates across your campaigns.

57% of customers say that they want to hear from a retailer when an item they want goes on sale. Why not combine this with the idea of online re-targeting?

But online is only part of the story. The real world, or the “offline” spaces, are a blind spot in your current analytics model. Understanding the important moments and places for your customers in the real world unlocks improved segmentation, customized targeting and real-world attribution.

Re-targeting: 57% of customers say that they want to hear from a retailer when an item they want goes on sale. Why not combine this with the idea of online re-targeting, and notify the customer when an item they were viewing online is available and on sale while they’re in proximity of a store while out on a weekend shopping trip?

Segmentation: Imagine the enhancements that real world behavior could bring to your customer segmentation. For example, consider a pool of customers who bought tickets on for a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers at Century Link field in Seattle. With 75% of those attendees, you’re probably correct in marketing Seahawks apparel. However, with proximity technology integrated into your campaign, you might see that a subset of those customers also went to Levi Stadium that prior Sunday, or spent time at SJC or SFO airports within days of that game. That paints a different picture of the customer and what’s most relevant to them.  

Attribution: You can track customers across multiple “channels” in the real world using proximity, too. Imagine a case where a customer finds an coupon on a site for 15% off in-store at Macy’s. This coupon brings them to the store, but when they get there, the clerk tells them that they will get 20% off if they open a Macy’s account. With proximity, you could actually attribute that customer’s in-store presence to the site that initiated the customer’s visit.

Data about your customer allows you to customize an experience tailor-made for them. These are just a few possible ways that a customer’s behavior in the offline world might help close gaps in your profile.

As you succeed in your personalization, the expectation of value from your customer only increases. Let proximity help you confidently deliver on that promise and cement your user’s trust in your brand.

Smartwhere Proximity Platform

We understand that messaging is difficult. And our full-stack proximity platform allows you to create and send those messages to your mobile users however you see fit, whether the triggers are beacon events, geofences, wi-fi, or even NFC and QR. We also allow you to send those messages based on user profiles and market segments gathered from location-based data. If you’re interested in learning how proximity data can integrate with your existing marketing platform, click below to see the ways in which we can help you better engage with your customers.


About Smartwhere

Smartwhere is a powerful proximity platform that allows you to quickly and easily integrate proximity solutions into your existing environment. Whether it’s mobile retail, interactive marketing, or location-based advertising, Smartwhere is an all-in-one proximity platform that delivers and manages relevant content to consumers and other end users when and where they need it.

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